Date of Establishment: 1982

Head Office Address: 8 John Kennedy Str., Iris House, 4th Floor, Limassol, Cyprus

Email address: lardis@lardisconsulting.com

Telephone No.: +357-25-590255 Fax No.+357- 25-582882

Correspondence Address: P.O. Box 54156, CY 3721 Limassol, Cyprus

Main line of Business: Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers Architects, Quantity Surveyors

The firm has completed projects in the following countries:

Europe: Cyprus, Greece, UK, Romania

Middle East: Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait

Africa: Libya, Algeria, Ghana

America: Trinidad &Tobacco, Jamaica


Offer to the human society our services improving quality of life.

To respect the clients budget for any project

To offer the maximum possible quality of services

Once any project’ consultancy financial agreement is reached, to forget expenses and concentrate to the quality of services.

To be proud when we thing and see our completed projects.

To offer the latest technology towards aesthetics, functionality, safety and economy


The persons bellow  are seconded by our staff and more than 400 associated specialists from Cyprus and Overseas, in all construction disciplines.

Dionyssios Lardis

In charge for ensuring excellent services given by the firm

BSc (Hons), MSc, CEng, FIStructE, FIHT.

Over 35 years of experience in design management in various countries.

Management of a consulting firm of 70 persons in three different countries.

Design and build expert in lowering overall construction cost, timing and increase project profitability

Extensive experience in construction issues.

Associate to international consultants for various projects in Cyprus, Middle East, and Africa

Excellent record in all construction issues up to final handling over and final accounts.

Coordinating of consulting teams with clients and contractors with success in handling differences in various construction and investment related problems

Maria Lardi

In charge for Architectural and Landscape services


BA, MA, Prof. Dip. Architecture, RIBA II with Distinction

Maria is in charge of the Architectural section. (her architectural and landscape website has more than 1,000,000 viewers). Maria is responsible for concept and preliminary designs of the firm. Further she is managing experienced Architects as to complete design and supervision work needed.

Andreas Lardis

In charge of Civil and Structural engineering Designs and supervisions

Civil Engineer

M.Eng. (First class Honours)

Andreas is in charge for the completion of all Civil & Structural Engineering projects.

He is managing experienced Civil & Structural Engineers in any field required, he is also responsible for the management of the quality of the services offered.

Christos Ioannou

In Charge of cost control contract documentation and quantity surveyors services.

Quantity Surveyor


Over 15 years of experience in all issues of quantity surveying and project cost management. He has completed multimillion building projects.